Pet Handling  
Pets are a member of our family and need special attention and handling from origin to destination.

At Silk Route, we pride ourselves at having the required experience and expertise in pet movement. Our door-to-door services include export and import permit and related documentation, providing custom-size kennel, customs clearance formalities, air-freight and delivery at destination.

Helpful information :
  • International shipping requirements vary from country to country. Please check with the concerned Embassy or government website or call us for updated information.
  • The Rabies vaccination is a must and the pet should have received his/her last vaccination, more than one month prior to travel and not later than one year.
  • Travel time should be direct whenever possible and/or with minimum of stops and connecting flights en route.
  • The Kennel size must conform to the IATA guidelines. It should be spacious enough for the pet to sit, stand, lie down and turn around comfortably. The kennel should be clean and leak-proof.
  • Make sure your pet gets some exercise prior to a long flight. Feed your pet a light meal and only small quantity of water 2 hours prior to take-off.
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